Friday, July 24, 2015

What's new pussycat?

Meow meow meow meow.

I miss Billy.

But what else. I came here with something to say but forgot on the way here.

The Greek came on through my area the following weekend and we did a show together. One of the more stressful times in my recent life. Just two entirely different approaches and also two other people hanging out getting in the way. The Greek and his companion stayed at my place overnight and I haven't really interacted with him too much since then. A case of reality I think. I'm very interesting because you think there's so much there and then you realize there isn't. Or it's much more difficult to deal with than you thought it would be.

Not to be down on myself or anything.  Ha.

I don't have his energy, enthusiasm, ability to care about so many things that are outside of my capacity to do anything about. Sure black lives matter, but it's for someone else to do something about. Isn't that horrible? I'm too busy making sure my mind and body stay in balance so I don't blow up. Sigh, that really sounds horrible. Part of it is that I see too many sides and can't spend my energy on one. Part of it is I'm a little too selfish and ostrich-y.

OK, what else?

It's nice to have Nathan around even though he's annoying. He was just walking into my closet, verrry carefullly, and I make a little sound with my feet and he jumps a foot straight into the air and sideways.  Ha Ha! Now he's in a small space in the back corner - hiding away.

I am now working three jobs. It's going ok, but may need to reduce hours on one. It's nice to have the extra money since my rent is going up and up and up, but I need the free time more. Where should I live when I eventually get priced out of this area?  Not sure.  Ideas?

Okey dokey.