Sunday, July 24, 2016


I'm going insane. The boy moved to Michigan yesterday. I don't think he'll forget about me, but it's so hard to not have any news. He's so incredibly busy I am sure, and I am just a speck so far in his life. But it really sucks. I have to just let it be. Stupid. Yucky. Wait for time to go by.

Annndd I see that there's no context. The boy I went out on a date with, well it turned into this stupid romance novel type thing. We fell hard for each other, and not just because he's moving. In spite of it. But he has soooo much to do that I'm trying to back off and let him deal with his life. I don't need him to support my well being, I just want him to be in my life. It will take time. And that sucks. Patience sucks. :-p

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Memories to keep

I went away this past weekend to Kings Canyon Sequoia National Parks and Sequoia National Forest. Beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, great campsite, flowers blooming, etc.. I want to record some moments so I have them in my memory.

- a bee going from small wildflower to small wildflower. It would land on the flower and the thing would tip almost to the ground
- hearing a woodpecker in the distance
- Listening to one of my favorite bird calls and seeing it come out of the bird's beak
- Seeing the milky way
- Seeing the fish in the river (6 inch long). Then watching them feed later on things floating by on the surface (including one small piece of chip)
- Swimming in the lake in perfect water temperature
- Seeing small ducklings in same water
- feeling Sequoia bark and hugging a tree
- seeing a deer with two small fawns
- Feeling the cold cold river water on my feet

That's pretty good for two short days.