Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Memories to keep

I went away this past weekend to Kings Canyon Sequoia National Parks and Sequoia National Forest. Beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, great campsite, flowers blooming, etc.. I want to record some moments so I have them in my memory.

- a bee going from small wildflower to small wildflower. It would land on the flower and the thing would tip almost to the ground
- hearing a woodpecker in the distance
- Listening to one of my favorite bird calls and seeing it come out of the bird's beak
- Seeing the milky way
- Seeing the fish in the river (6 inch long). Then watching them feed later on things floating by on the surface (including one small piece of chip)
- Swimming in the lake in perfect water temperature
- Seeing small ducklings in same water
- feeling Sequoia bark and hugging a tree
- seeing a deer with two small fawns
- Feeling the cold cold river water on my feet

That's pretty good for two short days.

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