Saturday, September 28, 2013

No return

Went to Tuolumne and it was cloudy. My normal climbing partner wasn't there - went with two newbies, and with my normal climbing partner not there it was like I was a newbie. We were smart enough to know we needed to do one-pitch climbs, but not smart enough to know we couldn't even do that on this particular day. So, found the climbs and it started hailing on us. Cold!  Then it was a cold wet rain. We were going to wait it out (spooning and hugging to keep warm) but one was too cold, so we walked down in the rain. The climbs we were going to do were waterfalls, and we walked through a stream. My wonderful new waterproof boots did amazing, as well as my rain jacket that I had not yet tested.

So we went out of the park down to the Mobil Mart / Whoa Nellie Deli at about 3:00. Spent hours there having a good time. Then we heard that the pass was closed!  The pass we needed to use to get back into the park to our campground. Ooops. With no rooms available in Lee Vining, we had to go to Mammoth Lakes.

It sounds like an epic, but it was actually fine. The three of us took it in stride and still had fun. I must say, the two of them were the leaders of the fun, and I hitched along for the ride. They are young and intelligent and energetic.

The next morning we stopped at Panum Crater to hike a little since we weren't sure when the pass would open up. The lake in the background is Mono Lake.

Despite the sign saying that the pass was still closed, we drove up. And got in. And got to the campground. And found my tent collapsed. Inches of wet snow!!!
Given all that, we didn't climb that day either, even though it was at least 60 degrees in the sun. But again, we still had fun.

Also saw the Rim Fire devastation. Which, apparently isn't a bad thing. I thought it was bad if the trees were completely destroyed, but apparently there is wildlife that depends on that happening. So, I don't feel so bad that it looked like this:

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Ha, get it? M and I went to Tahoe and had a great weekend (well, except for a bump). It's so nice to spend a few days with him and be able to walk away. As I'm sure he feels it too. As a matter of fact, I know it!  I called him today and he said he was thinking of me. I asked if he was cursing me or missing me. He said something like he was used to having me around. I just laughed since it was neither - his honesty is good though it can hurt sometimes!

The kids had this crawfish, and let him hold it. They offered it a sibling's claw but he was having none of it. He did manage to pinch the hell out of M's hand!

What was kind of sad, though I applaud her for it, is that the kids' mother saw me walking by and asked me to delete the photos I took of the kids. I was kinda shocked, though I understand. I showed them to her - there was one I was going to delete anyway and did while she watched. But I showed the rest and she let me keep them. I could have deleted but I wanted her to see also that I wasn't doing anything bad with them.

I still feel it's good to keep people an arm's length away, but at least I'm acting more normal.

Below is a storm that I was taking photos of. It never came close, but boy was it beautiful!