Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Zeal - land

You need some sheep.
These are shorn sheep.
Not Shaun the sheep.

Had a wonderful time. Met interesting people. Saw amazing places. And ultimately, realized that the US is great in terms of landscape. Of course, I live in a lovely part of the US, but there are so many other places in the US that are just as amazing, some of which I have not been to. So rather than spend tons of money going to another foreign country, I'm gonna spend some money in the US. Help out all those people who don't get jobs from the new president.

OK, gotta vent. Why do I want to hang out with someone who always is quick to point out when I am wrong and often is right about me being wrong? [rolling my eyes at myself]  But the ultimate question is, do I feel comfortable and myself with this person?  Not really.  Or when I let myself relax I slip up and do the thing that annoys and get confronted with it.  Damn, this is so complicated. I'd rather just always be alone. It's much easier that way.  Speaking of M by the way. There are just some times I don't want to learn a life lesson. And there are some times when someone is just too damn sensitive.

And sometimes that person is me.