Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Desert adventure

Sunday morning M and I were sitting outside at J-tree in the sun when I saw movement out front. I got up and looked and saw a dead something on the front walk and then immediately saw a cat stand by it. It looked at me. I looked at it. And then realized it was not a regular cat. Too big, ears too small, spots… it was a bobcat! Amazing. He/she didn’t run away when we walked over, perhaps because the dead whatever-it-was was still there. He walked into the bushes. We went out front to see another view and we saw it move away from us into the bushes. Then we decided to leave it alone.

So, M went inside to go to the bathroom and I got dressed so I could get some stuff out of the hanger. As I headed towards the open door, I see movement inside, and then Mr. Bobcat appears at the door! I screamed and jumped back/ran back to the patio. It sort of trotted out of the hanger and then stopped to look at the crazy woman who screamed. Then trotted off to the side of the house and away. Mike missed it.

Later M moved the dead thing out of the walkway, and apparently Mr. Bobcat came to get his leftovers.

No photo, alas.

Here's one from the web (the one we saw was more grey):

[I was away in J tree for 4 days, and no idea what I did before that, and it's been nuts afterwards. Working this week almost full time, and also going to apply for a job there.]

Monday, March 19, 2012


Just finished Home by Marilynne Robinson.
I had a good word for it and it's gone, darn it.
IT was a book I had to read in bits. Not one to be hurried through. In part because it was slow moving. In part because I wasn't sure I liked it. HOnestly, I'm still not sure. It was well crafted I think, but perhaps a tad too philosphical for me. A modern prodigal son story. Kinda depressing in a 'that's life sometimes' way.

Pft, what a review.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anomie generation?

Learned a new word just now: anomie : social instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values; also : personal unrest, alienation, and uncertainty that comes from a lack of purpose or ideals

I wondered for a moment if that's what the current generation is. But actually, I think it's the opposite. The anomie generation was maybe in the 80's.

I wanted to assign it to a generation because I was just downtown and saw a gaggle of young women walking somewhere. I felt like I was performing an anthropological study - my god, the shoes! And the short skirts! And the flowy clothing! Amazing. As I went into the store, they really did sound like a gaggle of birds.

Hmm... maybe I have anomie. Lack of purpose? Kinda, though looking for one. Though, a job isn't so much a purpose. Ah, never mind that.

I actually worked a whole 20 hours last week. Wiped me out! Ha.

Last night I did my 4th? 3rd? grave. I am improving and it's great to see it. Hear it I mean. Experience it. I had one or two sets which I was pretty proud of, a set being 3-4 songs linked in some way. Some say I sound good. I'm not so bad.

Cramps. Gonna go now and read.

Monday, March 12, 2012


If you can write the word witty does that mean you are?

Mom fell in the bathroom and had to go to the hospital. Four staples in her head. And thankfully no fractured pelvis, though they at first thought it was. Yes, I do need to pull out the living will paperwork, since I am the keeper of her life. Ha, that's how I joke about it, but I'm the responsible one, along with my cousin the nurse. If it gets down to us deciding it will be hell, not only because it'll be my mom's life we're talking about, but also because just dealing with my cousin makes me anxious.

Which reminds me, I need to go take some anti-anxiety meds....


We went yesterday to look at houses for M. Yeah, it's weird, but 1) I like looking at houses 2) it's not my money and 3) it helps move us towards resolution. Which we both need desperately. Today I'm in my denial phase of what might happen if I don't have a job by then, whenever then is. M doesn't want to leave me in a lurch, but at some point he needs to give up the notion of being nice (which also sounds weird) and just let us go our ways. I appreciate greatly his concern, don't get me wrong, but we just need to fix this situation.

OK, I'm off to a networking lunch and then some temp work. Of course they are about an hour in opposite directions, so I'll be listening to some music. I have picked Bat Out of Hell to help me expunge my emotions. :-)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I love beets. I really do. I made my own borscht the other day. It's amazing how long it takes for beets to leave your body. It was fun making it though. It included some of the shredded cabbage that I pulled out of the garbage. Mmmm...

Other than that, I decided I'm going to a session tonight to network... I've been avoiding it and time to get back in.

Still trying to decide if I should participate in International Bike Naked Day on Saturday. It might be too damn cold. Darn. I don't want to go and just watch.

Nothing too exciting today... have a great one!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


At least my retail therapy is at thrift stores! I had a difficult time saying no to two of these pairs of shoes. They are almost brand new! And one is Kenneth Cole (the shiny ones). All black but I guess you can never have too many black shoes. Maybe. I might be reaching the limit...

So nice, the wind is blowing strong outside.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Out of the closet

Well, since we've agreed that we can ask for help from some friends for realtor info, I am assuming I can write it here. I have to find a place to rent while M buys his house. Yep, another one bites the dust. It's been obvious for a long while, but with no job, it's difficult to separate. I wanted to get it out there. Sadness was ever present for along time, but now it just comes occasionally and it's here for the moment. So, pushing it away by writing a little.

My goal is no relationship for the rest of my life, but knowing me I'll be lucky if I make it a year.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hoo, and hoo boy

One way to tell there's a super amazing mom great horned owl and her two very adult chicks in the tree.

Another way, I'm assuming one of the chicks dropped it.

I had heard they were there and went looking for them. I found the spot by looking at all the people looking up. I had M's super duper bino's and for a little while the two I saw were looking right at me! (well, close enough). SO beautiful. I asked a couple people there with cameras to send me a photo... we'll see if they do.

I then went to visit a friend in Half Moon Bay. And there was adventure going on - a naked man on the concrete thing. Apparently he was somewhat upset and/or very drunk, so he took off all his clothes and went onto this thing and then the tide started coming in and he couldn't get off. But he didn't want to be rescued either.

And here's the TV camera, and the cop at the top of the hill and the helicopter hovering. You can't see the jet skis and the boats.

Such a waste of resources.

And finally, the animals at my friend's house.
Two amazing dogs, one scary looking pitt bull but oh so sweet, and the other some Chinese rescued street dog.

HUGE cat, supposedly only 2 lbs overweight.

Friday, March 2, 2012


OK, so here's something I would not write on Facebook. I shocked even myself, sort of.

OK, in a silly way.

Kinda pathetic way?

So, my temporary place of employment has all this leftover food usually. And especially at the end of the week things are allowed to be taken, but I at least never quite know when it's ok.

Wednesday or Monday we had some kind of Asian food with a shredded cabbage salad (basically shredded cabbage with dressing). So there was TONS of cabbage left.

I saw the containers earlier today, and thought, cool, they're putting it out so I'll get it later. I went back after lunch before leaving and they had thrown out 2 or three HUGE containers of cabbage. I couldn't believe it, so I looked in the garbage. Yep, it was there.


Since there was so much.


I reached in and dug down to the 'clean' area, and pulled a couple handfuls out.

Oh, my, it sounds so much worse when I type it.

Oh well, it's free food and I'm saving the planet. Ha. And there wasn't much on top of it, obviously. It wasn't like dirty napkins on top or anything.

Oh my...