Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Desert adventure

Sunday morning M and I were sitting outside at J-tree in the sun when I saw movement out front. I got up and looked and saw a dead something on the front walk and then immediately saw a cat stand by it. It looked at me. I looked at it. And then realized it was not a regular cat. Too big, ears too small, spots… it was a bobcat! Amazing. He/she didn’t run away when we walked over, perhaps because the dead whatever-it-was was still there. He walked into the bushes. We went out front to see another view and we saw it move away from us into the bushes. Then we decided to leave it alone.

So, M went inside to go to the bathroom and I got dressed so I could get some stuff out of the hanger. As I headed towards the open door, I see movement inside, and then Mr. Bobcat appears at the door! I screamed and jumped back/ran back to the patio. It sort of trotted out of the hanger and then stopped to look at the crazy woman who screamed. Then trotted off to the side of the house and away. Mike missed it.

Later M moved the dead thing out of the walkway, and apparently Mr. Bobcat came to get his leftovers.

No photo, alas.

Here's one from the web (the one we saw was more grey):

[I was away in J tree for 4 days, and no idea what I did before that, and it's been nuts afterwards. Working this week almost full time, and also going to apply for a job there.]


silly rabbit said...

First off, good luck on the job there! I am not familiar with J-Tree.

I'd have screamed too. Any wild animal gets my hackles up. I think rabies, or being hurt. But aren't they incredible creatures? I love the way cats move and how aware they are. But yikes!

Tara said...

Well that's scary and exciting! Maybe the bobcat was presenting you with a gift. Cats are so sentimental that way.

Did Billy miss the adventure?

laura b. said...

Wow, what an adventure! I can totally imagine looking at that cat and not realizing at first that it wasn't someone's pet!

Good luck with the job in Joshua Tree. I really like the high desert.

Churlita said...

I saw a bob cat and a mountain lion form a distance (whew!) when I lived in Humboldt County. Pretty amazing creatures.