Monday, March 5, 2012

Out of the closet

Well, since we've agreed that we can ask for help from some friends for realtor info, I am assuming I can write it here. I have to find a place to rent while M buys his house. Yep, another one bites the dust. It's been obvious for a long while, but with no job, it's difficult to separate. I wanted to get it out there. Sadness was ever present for along time, but now it just comes occasionally and it's here for the moment. So, pushing it away by writing a little.

My goal is no relationship for the rest of my life, but knowing me I'll be lucky if I make it a year.


EsLocura said...

besos, I have the same exact goal, perhaps we can start a support group?

Mel said...

Well, shoot.

I'm sorry for how things evolved.
No doubt it's been doubly difficult given the unemployment factor.

Single ain't bad.
And goals are good.

laura b. said...

I sorry to hear this NoR, but glad you felt ready to get it out there. That is surely a step in the right direction.
Wish I had some insider info on realty in your area. Are you planning to stay in the general vicinity?

silly rabbit said...

Time for a new beginning. That can be very exciting.

I think its good that you are not looking for another relationship right away. Better to let those things evolve when you are ready.

I was alone for a long time before I decided to find someone after it was clear that X and I were not ever going to get back together. It was good to be in total control of my own life. Well at least of those things that can be controlled. Good luck finding a place that you really like in a great location!

Anonymous said...

Aw... sorry. You're always welcome to crash on my couch, but it might be a bit of a commute.

NoRegrets said...

Es, surely. Or an asylum.
Mel, thanks.
Laura, I plan on staying in this area. Though, if things really don't work out I'll have to move somewhere else.
SR - It was my intention before to be alone, and then I succumbed to a relationship. It's so easy to do. How do stay strong, that's the question.
Thanks Squirrel... Be careful whatyou offer! :-) Nah, don't worry...I'd hurt my back on the couch.