Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hoo, and hoo boy

One way to tell there's a super amazing mom great horned owl and her two very adult chicks in the tree.

Another way, I'm assuming one of the chicks dropped it.

I had heard they were there and went looking for them. I found the spot by looking at all the people looking up. I had M's super duper bino's and for a little while the two I saw were looking right at me! (well, close enough). SO beautiful. I asked a couple people there with cameras to send me a photo... we'll see if they do.

I then went to visit a friend in Half Moon Bay. And there was adventure going on - a naked man on the concrete thing. Apparently he was somewhat upset and/or very drunk, so he took off all his clothes and went onto this thing and then the tide started coming in and he couldn't get off. But he didn't want to be rescued either.

And here's the TV camera, and the cop at the top of the hill and the helicopter hovering. You can't see the jet skis and the boats.

Such a waste of resources.

And finally, the animals at my friend's house.
Two amazing dogs, one scary looking pitt bull but oh so sweet, and the other some Chinese rescued street dog.

HUGE cat, supposedly only 2 lbs overweight.


silly rabbit said...

Ha! Wonderful post with many nice surprises. I wish I could see the great horned owls. Funny how you could find them by the owl groupies.

LOl at the naked man on the whatever that is. It is a waste of resources, but at least it made a fine, funny story.

Both those dogs looks like sweet hearts. As for the cat... my goodness! It takes up half of the chair seat. Two pounds overweight might be a bit off. hahaha

Tara said...

I'm glad you got a glimpse of the owls!

That cat, overweight or not, looks very relaxed and not in the mood to be moved.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That would be so cool to see any owl.. we have hawks here and the odd heron..

laura b. said...

What a great bunch of photos!

Owls are pretty fascinating. I'd like to see that.

Mel said...

Owls! They're awesome--but......messy. *cringing*

Oh my.
I do hope they forward you on a photo--what fun that must have been!

As for the others--yeah, notsomuch to be naked on a bouy floating around waiting to be arrested., I don't speak from experience!