Monday, March 12, 2012


If you can write the word witty does that mean you are?

Mom fell in the bathroom and had to go to the hospital. Four staples in her head. And thankfully no fractured pelvis, though they at first thought it was. Yes, I do need to pull out the living will paperwork, since I am the keeper of her life. Ha, that's how I joke about it, but I'm the responsible one, along with my cousin the nurse. If it gets down to us deciding it will be hell, not only because it'll be my mom's life we're talking about, but also because just dealing with my cousin makes me anxious.

Which reminds me, I need to go take some anti-anxiety meds....


We went yesterday to look at houses for M. Yeah, it's weird, but 1) I like looking at houses 2) it's not my money and 3) it helps move us towards resolution. Which we both need desperately. Today I'm in my denial phase of what might happen if I don't have a job by then, whenever then is. M doesn't want to leave me in a lurch, but at some point he needs to give up the notion of being nice (which also sounds weird) and just let us go our ways. I appreciate greatly his concern, don't get me wrong, but we just need to fix this situation.

OK, I'm off to a networking lunch and then some temp work. Of course they are about an hour in opposite directions, so I'll be listening to some music. I have picked Bat Out of Hell to help me expunge my emotions. :-)


laura b. said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your mom. I hope she heals up quickly and there are no further dangers for the time being. Parental aging is indeed very stressful.

I understood everything that you are saying about you and M. and your situation. I know for a fact how relieved you will feel when this is resolved...and certainly it will be soon. You can do this.

silly rabbit said...

Yikes! Poor Mom! I'm glad she did not have more serious injury but I'm sure it scared her and hurt like the dickens.

I like to look at houses too. Cindrella and I used to go look at houses just for fun.

I certainly sympathize with the need to have things resolved. I will be keeping good thoughts about you getting a job. A good job.

Tara said...

I'm glad they found out that your mom didn't break her pelvis.

Good luck with the networking event and the temp job! I don't know what I'd do without music playing in the car.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Hope your Mom recovers soon.. I worry HOpe you and M can resolve this situation soon..

Sending good vibes your Mom's way..

I have power over my Mother's health if anything should happen to her.. at least I can have my older brother Solipsist help.. Other family would be useless..

we were driving through the ritzy part of the city and practically drooling over the houses.. they were huge.. now all I need is to win the