Thursday, September 19, 2013


Ha, get it? M and I went to Tahoe and had a great weekend (well, except for a bump). It's so nice to spend a few days with him and be able to walk away. As I'm sure he feels it too. As a matter of fact, I know it!  I called him today and he said he was thinking of me. I asked if he was cursing me or missing me. He said something like he was used to having me around. I just laughed since it was neither - his honesty is good though it can hurt sometimes!

The kids had this crawfish, and let him hold it. They offered it a sibling's claw but he was having none of it. He did manage to pinch the hell out of M's hand!

What was kind of sad, though I applaud her for it, is that the kids' mother saw me walking by and asked me to delete the photos I took of the kids. I was kinda shocked, though I understand. I showed them to her - there was one I was going to delete anyway and did while she watched. But I showed the rest and she let me keep them. I could have deleted but I wanted her to see also that I wasn't doing anything bad with them.

I still feel it's good to keep people an arm's length away, but at least I'm acting more normal.

Below is a storm that I was taking photos of. It never came close, but boy was it beautiful!

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laura b. said...

It is nice that you and M can still be friends. Hard to have too many friends!
Interesting about that mom. People are so hyperaware now of things that they wouldn't have given a thought to even a couple of years ago.