Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hide and seek

This poor crab was trying to hide in the tide pools, but we saw enough to be able to stick the camera in the water and take a few shots (upside down and blind) to get this one.  Creepy!

Back from a nice weekend of not doing much. I may be getting over not doing anything. In part because I don't want to turn into flab!  I still am not 100% sure about climbing, but I guess I should try. After I go to a podiatrist, which I have been avoiding. But it's time. I"m afraid to wear almost any shoes right now. Ugh! Including climbing shoes.

So, I'm back to the 'is this me or is this the condition' question. Grumpy depressed down the last time I climbed with friendA and his friend S. I could pretend to be upbeat and happy, and maybe I should because it can feel better and it's certainly better for those around me. Damn, I'm sure he doesn't want to climb with me anymore. I wouldn't want to! But pretending can lead to being. And is that ok? Still not sure.

Had a dream about trying to surf. Trying to manage my emotions is how I'm interpreting. I kept trying to get to it, but didn't in the end. But I was trying! Sigh, although I'm supposed to be a lion, or even a bear, sometimes I feel like a turtle.

PS: when I went to visit my friend this weekend, she had a yard sale. There were two hand made quilts from her boyfriend's mom. With stains. But handmade. And a guy was interested and going to buy, and I manaaged to get them first. A legacy, and really nice. I'll post photos at some point. Reminds me of a time in Germany when I needed a bathrobe and looked at one. When I tried to haggle, the woman kept it because it now had value.


laura b. said...

Fake it 'til you make it. Act "as if". Those things make some kind of sense, but can be hard to pull off.
Hey. Remember to give yourself value too!

Bobby said...

Turtles have low centers of gravity and would make great surfers.