Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday weekend

I just had the nicest birthday in three years. And maybe even longer!  My roommate convinced me that I should go out to dinner with her. And then asked me three times if I wanted to invite someone along. And so I did. And then when we went to go, another person was there too!  She had even checked on LinkedIn to find some people, including my climbing friend. I think that's so sweet. And the three of them paid for my dinner, which was excellent and quite expensive. But, we'll just celebrate the next month when it's someone else's birthday. Again, so nice.

And I had been feeling like crap last week about my birthday. I didn't want to expect anything. I did a show Friday night, and Saturday I treated myself to my birthday milkshake after volunteering for the day. And today during the day I got a massage. Those were all the things I did for myself. And it was a very nice weekend. Tomorrow should be nice - I know I"m not buying my own birthday cake!

I had a bunch of wine with dinner, so my thought processes are not the best. I may just do the one thing I was going to do and then get ready for bed and go to bed early. Snoozefest.

OK so a feel a little bit special. And that's what birthdays are for.

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laura b. said...

Aw! So glad you had a good birthday! Belated happy birthday to you, NoRegrets. You deserve to feel special every day :)