Sunday, August 4, 2013


I went to volunteer in the Sierras a week or two ago. I volunteered to help cook for the masses who were actually volunteering, since I didn't trust myself at 9,000 ft to be useful. It was a wonderful time. When I wasn't doing food, I hiked and searched for wildflowers. And found MANY. And someone had a great book, so I learned about the names, etc.  It was a lot of fun. A smattering below. The last one is actually seed pods. Way cool.

I had more to write about... but now I don't know. Poor Billy and the other had a fight today - I came home from being out and found lots of big drops of blood on the floor, carpet, bed blanket.  But he seemed ok in the sense that he wasn't still bleeding at least!  My roommate felt bad. So did I!


laura b. said...

Those flower pix are beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your time in the Sierras. I bet the other volunteers considered you VERY useful!
Poor Billy. Are the cats equally matched or does one bully the other?

Bobby said...

I want to learn plants so bad...especially being that I'm in Florida now, seven years. There are plants here I never even imagined could look like they look. I wonder how they taste too. I should do the universal edibility test first, I guess.

NoRegrets said...

Nathan constantly pushes the envelope. He's smaller but lighter and quicker. He bullys Billy... :-(

Um... the universal test? Chew it and see if your tongue falls off?