Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I left my mom in the refrigerator

Ah, so I wrote that post, and I think the next day I found the dish brush in the refrigerator, under a bag of vegetables that I had used.  But that doesn't explain all the other things!!!

 Here's a photo of someone taking a photo of a pelican at night.  It was way cool to see him there - down in LA where I was for the 4th.

So the latest drama is relates to my mom. First she got lost and was found in someone's closet. We already started thinking of moving her to a new facility because she wouldn't have to share... and then she gets into a physical altercation with her suitemate and goes to the hospital Friday night because she was found on the floor. And a policeman reads her and her suitemate their rights, since under NJ law noone needs to press charges for there to be charges, or somesuch thing.. But on a Friday night when you're just about to go out of cell phone range and you find that out... it's a little stressful.

Went to not this place below (Fresno Dome) but to Sierra National Forest more to the east this past weekend.
Went to places we had never climbed before. On day 1 we lost our concentration for just a minute and realized we hadn't followed cairns, and didn't see any. And instead of backtracking which is what you are supposed to do, we kept walking, thinking we would find where we needed to go.  45 minutes later we hadn't found it, but wound up close back to the place we had climbed. My partner wanted to head back the way we came because we would HAVE to cross the road, while I said we should go up. Thankfully he listened to me, as within a football field we found a cairn.  It was kinda nuts, since he walks quicker than me and he wasn't really checking in with me as to which way we should go.

The rest of the weekend (even before that?) he was short with me, which he never is. Not sure if it was the lack of caffeine, or the event, or something else. I am slow, and perhaps was much too slow that weekend. I'm also not very entertaining, and felt it. But as it turns out, I was also PMSing, so who knows what the reality was.

Oh, and I"m one of two health care proxies for my mom. So for this new facility I get to decide along with the other person if my mom should have a DNR. Lovely. The other person is a pain in the ass and isn't very communicative, so we'll see how this process goes. She's so sure she's right, and I'm researching. But she interacts with my sister and not me. Stupid. Grrrrr...

In any event, going this weekend to Sonora pass for Pacific Crest Trail work. I'm actually cooking, as I can't imagine being able to work at 10,000 feet. We'll see if I can even cook! Had a headache from Monday night until this morning... so hopefully I'll be ok.

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laura b. said...

I hope the new facility works out better for your mom. Sounds like she needs more supervision?
Nice that you have been able to relieve the stress with some climbing. Sounds like you are focusing on what you might have done wrong, but perhaps your partner was the one actually having the off weekend. Sometimes it isn't your fault :)