Friday, June 28, 2013


I was on the verge of hysteria tonight. Why? Because my $1 dish brush is missing.

Yep, I'm nuts. At least, that's what I'm afraid of.

See, the thing is, things keep disappearing.
My aluminum bowl.
A plastic ladle
A nice pot
My yoga mat
My dish brush

They aren't in the house. Well, anywhere I looked. And I've been trying to let them all go. I mean, the yoga mat could have been left at the gym. Um... the others?

And I've been pushing off the idea that someone is coming in to steal random things. (Is it happening?  Should I get the locks changed?) And my roommate says she hasn't seen them.

So the next conclusion is that I'm nuts. I'm hiding them from myself. Or... I don't know. Just something that makes me nuts.

M likes to say that he lives alone and loses stuff and would love to blame it on someone else, but of course it's him.


So I had some alcohol and feel better.  But it's hot here...


Mel said...

Well, the 'missing' things--happens for everyone, living single or living in shared space. Darned if I know where one of my CD's is at--I have the sleeve...but not the CD. Certain he's not the culprit and I can't quite grasp what I MIGHT have done with it.
I chalk it up to 'Delores'. She's the one who doesn't empty the ice cube trays and is a bit impish that way.

laura b. said...

I can see where all of that would be unsettling. Not to stir the missing pot, but does your roommate hang out anywhere else and maybe borrow stuff when she's going over there? If not, perhaps your things will turn up at some point, in unexpected places.

silly rabbit said...

I do lose things. The man has a habit of relocating things. Not on purpose. He forgets where they go and puts them where he thinks they might have gone.
Every single time I move, despite how careful I am, many things vanish in the move. Drives me nuts.
laura b. has a good point. Perhaps the roomie has forgotten she borrowed them and left them at a friends. Hopefully they will return.
Long ago, in my college days, I did have a guy who crawled in through the window and helped himself to my food or whatever else he wanted. He lived in a tree near by. Sometimes it really does happen.