Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A rolling stone gathering no moss

I'm rolling along, learning about life, and not gathering too much moss. Wallowing and sticky is my norm. I guess I"m kinda wading and dusty.

It is so easy to not see the part I play in things. Luckily I'm opening my eyes a little more and accepting that without beating myself up too much.

OK, so I whine and moan about guys not leaving me alone. OK, well maybe I flirt up a storm for whatever reason, and I know how to pick people that fall. Not sure how to handle that one yet. Right now, maybe avoiding people.

So, when an ex writes me some unwanted emails, I whine and moan about people not leaving me alone. Um, hello, maybe the random contact over time sent the message that I really wanted such emails?

OK, so my work is full of not so interesting stuff. I've missed some deadlines. Bad. OK, well maybe I need to just get myself friggin organized via Outlook or somesuch tool.

OK, so I don't know anchor building as good as my climbing friend. OK, so learn it.

I don't know. This is kinda boring. I'm kinda trying to pat myself on the back for not getting depressed because I'm beating myself up. Finding solutions is better than beating yourself up. Listening to what you want/need is better than pushing yourself in an unwanted direction. (I actually wrote to an old old friend asking her to not read my blog anymore because it was too one-sided. I felt bad, but it's how I felt so said it.)

You don't have to read it either!  But you are welcome to.


laura b. said...

I believe (assume? hope?) that many of us struggle with similar issues. I find it so much easier to act like I'm always just caught up in events that I can't control. If I could control them, that would make me responsible!
You are hard on yourself, and I'm glad you are trying to spin that in a more positive way.

Bobby said...

For life organizing and message filtering, I always turn to: Technology.

Also: I have adopted a no flirting policy. It works too well.

A person who beats themself up has worthy opponent!

NoRegrets said...

Spinning a top? :-)

Yes, but technology is annoying. And no flirting... gotta be aware I"m doing it!