Sunday, April 17, 2016


I drove up to Washington to spend some time with family. I actually got amazing gas mileage on highway (37!) so I like my car more. :-)

 A couple of characters from the vacation:
- The guy at the gas station who asked me for some money for gas as soon as I got out of the car. I leaned over and got a dollar for him (realizing now he could have shoved me in and taken much more...). He thanks me nicely and explains that he's trying to get home. He had corresponded on FB with this woman he knew from long ago and decided to move down to be with her - got a job there and everything. Well, when he got there he went out to his car to get something and came back in to find her in the bathroom shooting up heroin. So he left.  Good for him!  I wish I had given him more.
- The woman in the thrift store who gave me an evil look when I asked to see something in the jewelry counter. She came over to help and then apologized. Seems that she has amazing sales goals (they have those in a thrift store?) and has to keep everything together and noone is allowed to help her. If she doesn't meet a goal she gets a ding. Three dings and she's out. It sounded horrible. But now I wonder if it could all be true.
- The guy in Oregon with one glass eye who pumped gas for me who was from the SF area near where I live. I kept forgetting which eye to look into. I guess it was mostly the glass eye that stood out.

So I am back and have to get back to work. I didn't do my mindfulness for the week I was away and I feel I'm all f'd up. And feel like I don't know how to interact with people. Sigh. Gotta get back to in the moment.

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