Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I can't find nothin' on the radio

Or, is the world collapsing?

So, I decided on a DJ name, and I'll just say it's NOT HeidiHo. The DJ and I used it for one show, and both of us kind of cracked up saying it and it never felt comfortable, so I changed it. HeidiHo is what the turd says on South Park. Plus I was going for the German reference.

The trouble with archives is that I can hear myself after the fact. ACK!

You know, I thought this would be easy, but let me tell you, it's not. The list of things you have to do during a show is amazing, and you are never / rarely ever just relaxing. And this is a station that doesn't have fancy schmancy stuff like WFMU (they post videos and photos on a comment board, and even comment too). There's the board to run, FCC logs, music cuing, reading all the requisite announcements on time, etc. And trying to speak intelligently with no ums or uhs. Whew.

But I'm itching to be able to play my own music. Soon grasshopper...


silly rabbit said...

That is so exciting. HeidiHo makes me laugh. Maybe you should be Towlie and tell everyone "Don't forget to take a towel!" as your sign off.

laura b. said...

Vast coolness! Will you tell us the name you chose or is that going to be private?

Squirrel said...

As if you just suggested that FMU has fancy schmancy stuff! Good gravy, sometimes I wonder if their equipment is powered by a battery of hamster wheels.

Congrats on picking a name!

NoRegrets said...

SR - yeah, it's not bad. But it was just the way the other DJ said it too... emphasize the hhhhh.

Laura, sorry... Private!

Squirrel, compared to a small time station with 1/10 or less of the budget of FMU, FMU is fancy!!!