Friday, September 9, 2011

The Lens

So, I found out about a job this past weekend because I finally had taken the time to look at one of my job lists. A week and a half later I see it and it's an exciting job, but as I read it, I say to myself that I can't do this part, I'm not that great at that, should I waste my time applying, I'm already too late...

I know someone who works there, so I asked him to find out about what's happening. Several days later and he hasn't gotten back to me. But I decide I should apply anyway since I have the bones of an appropriate letter, thus it wont' take me that long. When I send it, I find the email address is wrong, so ask my friend to find me the email address.

Finally he understands that it's me that is applying (earlier this year I had sent him one person who wanted to info interview him) and jumped right on it! Last night he looked at my resume and my letter and provided some great feedback, including that I had spelled the guy's name wrong! (!!! So much for attention to detail...) :-) He thought overall my resume and letter were excellent, and that made me feel so good. And so, when I went back to re-read the position description before finalizing and pushing send, I could see myself in the role, and enjoying it.

Then this morning I had a phone conversation with a woman I have worked with in the past who within the past year became the Executive Director of this organization. She is great and dynamic and energetic. She was laid off from her job in Indiana and cried a bit, but threw herself out there and within three weeks had a consulting job which paid her more than she had been making. Eventually she landed her current job and loves it. She thinks highly of me and said she'd hire me in a heartbeat - even had a consulting job I could have done for her if I had contacted her earlier. Threw out a lot of ideas for me to find a job - all of which boil down to 'get out there and meet people'. And also essentially don't be afraid to ask.

Now, all of that pushing up my attitude and ego I need to be able to do myself. It's nice to have things like this happen to remind me that despite what I may think of myself sometimes and all the errors I have made and the things I think I lack, the reality is that I'm good.

Ever forward.


laura b. said...

I'm happy to hear you reconnected with people who are able to give you some positive reinforcement.

You seem like such an all around competent person, that I can't even imagine you having doubts about your abilities.

Mel said...


Feels good, huh?
Feels good and it's not about me! LOL

Go get 'em!!

Tara said...

Good luck with the job you applied for, I hope it's still open and that they call you in for an interview! It's good to get a fresh pair of eyes to look over resumes and cover letters.

NoRegrets said...

Well, Laura, everyone makes mistakes, and some let such mistakes get to them, far too often.

Mel, yuppers!

Tara, well, at least I got a note back saying that they received my information! Thanks!