Saturday, December 22, 2012

Approaching the holidays

I head out tomorrow (technically 12:15 am on Monday) to go back east to see family and perhaps a few friends. I am glad I am going. Time goes by too quickly.

I had a temp job for 4 days this week. Something way below my abilities, but I kinda like doing that because they are always so impressed.  Good for the ego. And they like me so muck they're bringing me back after the holidays. It's not a high hourly wage, but it's better than minimum wage, and it's money coming in!

I also have an interview coming up in the new year (2nd full week). It's actually something interesting, which is exciting, so I may be able to say how excited I am and really mean it, despite the fact that it is indeed a little below my abilities. But you know what, I maybe think my abilities are greater than they are. Who knows.

I did a show this past week. I prepared snippets from my tapes from Zimbabwe, and put music after then. Also played a few mixed tapes of music from Africa. I must say, a four hour show is so long.  I can handle three...I get tired at 4. I did give my DJ email address once or twice and said if anyone has comments they could write in, and one person said he liked it. So nice!

And of course, the tragedy last Friday. What I think is interesting and kind of good is that one photo of a horribly distraught woman no longer appears on the website. I know for sure it was the sister of the young teacher hailed as a hero - she looked so much like her. I don't have much hope that things will change with respect to such killings, but it's still good to take steps.

On that somber note, I wish you and yours happy holidays. Apologies for being late if you are Jewish. Wish Billy good times, as I'm going to experiment and only give him his two servings a day, and not leave dry food.  Maybe. I'm such a wuss.


Mel said...

*laughing* Billie will be fine--you, however, may not be if you're going to fret about starving the poor thing.

Sounds like that 4 hours, tiring as it might have been, were fun for you and others. So well done, you!

Hopefully the holiday will be a fun one for you and yours. And of course we'll be hoping good things on the job front. It ain't bad for the ego to excel in a position--and it's equally good for the employer, don'tchaknow! ;-)

Joyous Holidays and safe journey for you, ma'am!

laura b. said...

Have a great time with your family! And may the New Year bring you interesting and fulfilling employment opportunities :)