Sunday, April 14, 2013

Damn those Girl Scouts!

I have just eaten 3 samoas.  It's not like they've really gotten better over the years, but they are right in front of my face. I gotta put them away. Damn my sister too!

My sister, nieces, brother and sister-in-law came to visit for a week. They left yesterday, and it was really sad to see them go. Only a few minor family hiccups, so overall we had a great time. Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Fort Funston, Golden Gate Park, Muir Woods, Alcatraz, cable car, Chinatown. Whew!  It's great to have a great area to show off. I drove everyone around, and was happy doing so. I even got half a day of the rental minivan cost returned because when they asked me how my experience was, I told them about when we picked it up (waited a relatively long time for them to clean it, then it wasn't really clean, then had to wait for gas...)

As for other parts of my life... well... I guess I'm dating?  I've stumbled into an exclusive 'relationship'?  Sigh. I'll admit it someday. I'm trying to balance checking in with myself to make sure I'm ok with it with thinking too much about it. Being scared and being realistic. Being excited and being dependent. Sigh. At least he's a patient guy, and seemingly very excited. And, best yet, NOT a climber!  Woo hoo!  It's about time. He is athletic, but just in other things. And I've told him I don't want to climb with him. I want to keep a separation.

So, now I have to follow my own wisdom and tell M - and if he chooses to not talk to me after that, his loss. Sigh.

But in the end I think it's a good thing.  :-)


laura b. said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your family...and kudos to you for playing tour guide. I'm terrible at that!
Congrats on your new relationship. Sounds like so far, things are good and that is all anyone can ask, really :)

silly rabbit said...

Wow what a tour! I bet they and you enjoyed it tremendously. I would have.
A new relationship? All that mystery and excitement, but using a level head. Sounds good. Very good.
Girl Scouts are major contributors to the fattening up of America!

Tara said...

I would love to visit those places, especially Alcatraz.

Congrats on the new relationship! I like guys who have patience.