Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, how about you go away for a weekend to the mountains to relax with your date, and after hiking for 35 minutes you realize you're getting a headache, and want to stop, but don't. So at the last 10 minutes before the car a migraine just blows your body away such that you throw up 3 times and get so weak you have to sit down. (and a dog comes by and tries to eat your vomit, also). Ah yes, that's what I call making memories. And throw up 3 more times after getting into the car (but managed to get out of the car to do so). And throw up three or four times in the car to the hotel that you suddenly have to stay in instead of a campground. And throw up about 6-7 times in the hotel before and after collapsing into bed. Ah, that's what I call a pleasant Saturday.

Yes, that was lovely. And Sunday I kinda had a different headache all day.

So I guess I'm not so perfect after all.

I am coming to hate that first glow of a relationship. Ah, everything is sunshine and rainbows, until it's not. And then what happens? Reality. Making it through reality is the hard part. Not sure it will happen with this one, but at least I don't have my entire heart invested in it! M knows that there's another boy - his biggest concern is that Billy be treated well!  Written only semi-jokingly.

All this time goes by and that's all I write?  Yep!!!  I gotta go visit y'all.  (The problem is that I don't get on this computer too much anymore...and likely I"ve already said that...)


Tara said...

Oh man, I am so sorry about the migraine! Was your date with you when it hit?

laura b. said...

Migraines, ugh. I cannot even imagine.
And I know just what you mean about the glowy part vs the reality part. I understand that reality must set in, but must it set in so completely? *sigh*