Friday, December 19, 2014

What do I expect?

If I say to someone, "I really hate planning parties" of course noone is going to want to include me in planning. Never mind that I felt like shit and ready to run away screaming and had to force myself to stay and I told the wrong friggin' person that, the person who was FREAKING OUT because we didn't have any drinks with dinner. Intensely saying that there was NOTHING TO DRINK with dinner. Big wide eyes.

Sigh. I'm a leper and a loser.  But a lovable one.

We actually had a great holiday party. Learned how to mix 4 classic cocktails. Taught by a master bartender. I actually made a margarita that I liked. I have never ever liked them before.

Trouble is that when we got there nothing was set up, even though the guy had said all would be ok. I felt like a loser. I hadn't set up any sort of gift exchange, and got a look for that in the elevator down to the bus. The bus was a party bus but with no alcohol. Loser didn't think of it.

Oh well. Life does go on.

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