Saturday, August 8, 2015

Feed two small nations

Feed two small nations with one very large milkshake.


Had my birthday milkshake today. It's one of those places that has extra in the stainless container so you really have 1.5 or even close to two in one "serving".  I was going to stop, and then I didn't.  Oh well, my afterburps are quite delicious too.


I've had a few spiritual things happen recently. It seriously crossed my mind to wonder if that meant I was going to die soon.  Actually hopefully not.

I met with this one higher up at my college job, and for some reason at the end remarked that I felt so comfortable in her office. That I wasn't sure if it was her or the furnishings or what. And she shared that she sweeps (I think smudge is the more official term). Uses herbs to sweep out the spirits.She said she had never told anyone before which was quite cool, and thought I must be very sensitive.

OUCH [kidding]

Then I had lunch with a new person in the school. She's from Ohio and is very thoughtful. Very much caught up in a certain way of thinking that sounds cult-ish to me but she swears it's not. In any event, at lunch she started to talk on another plane - something very theoretical and focused (and somewhat cult-ish) and my brain started to hurt and I felt like she was pulling us under into this deep well of thought, so I told her stop and look up at the fog going by overhead. She laughed because just that morning she was writing and something apparently came out of her which said that to go deeper she should look up. And there I was reminding her of that. So yeah, I think that's cool.


Jobs are good. sucks. So does OK Cupid.

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Churlita said...

Happy Birthday! Milk shakes and cheese cake are my favorite birthday treats...Although, I didn't have either of them this year on my birthday. I hope you have a wonderful year.