Saturday, February 4, 2017


Nuts is a tame word for all that's going on in the US.  So trying to not get overwhelmed. My escape from life comes February 18.  Headed to New Zealand!  Yay!  We'll see if there's a country to come back to.  I really need to believe in my fellow Americans to help the country survive, but we are so spoiled and lazy and arrogant as a whole that I fear. But yes, it takes just one (as Michael Moore says, and others I know) to start a movement.  See the website for updates.  If you know of another site let me know. I was going to start one but of course others have done it. Phew.


3GKnight said...

Hope you enjoy your trip! You might consider staying there if they let you in. :)

Tara Coady said...

Wow. That's great that you get to go to New Zealand. A friend of mine is a Green Party guy there. Our country is screwed right now. Let's hope we all resist and work through this insanity. Have fun!