Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rumbling with Regret

I'm reading Brene Brown's Rising Strong. Or rather read it. One section gives me reason to think. 

"If you have no regrets, or you intentionally set out to live without regrets, I think you're missing the very value of regret."

"Regret is one of the most powerful emotional reminders that change and growth are necessary."

I'm still thinking of that. But it made me want to come here and write it, 8 months after my last post.

Peru was great.
Seeing the total eclipse in Oregon was great.
Canyoneering in Zion was great.
Going to NJ for Christmas will be great.
Ending one of my jobs January 31st will be great.

And the rest will be great too...

1 comment:

Tara Coady said...

That list is full of "No Regrets". I'm glad to see it.