Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cookies and Crashes and Corn

So, ever wonder what happens when you try to make german sour cream twists with wheat dough, oh, that has also gone rancid? See photo. (It's supposed to look like finger long twisty things the consistency of pizza dough)
What's really sad is that I didn't realize it was rancid until I gave M bit of one that I had cooked and his face all scrunched up. I did not get sick from the one I ate before that.

We went on a hike to a place that had had a plane crash years before, and found the following. It was interesting and creepy at the same time.

Finally, I wrote Corn because it had a C, but it really should be with a P. We watched On Demand - Moby Presents Alien Sax Party (but with an e). Oddest but interesting and funny poorly made movie I've seen in a long time.


Susan said...

Is it sad I was like "Corn with a P"..and it took me about 5 minutes to understand what you were saying? lol

laura b. said...

Ha! Sorry about the rancid cookies, but glad you got in a good hike and some, uh, corn.

Ananda girl said...

Hahahaha! I liked how you slipped the corn in there.

Yeah, I made a batch of brownies last week with honey instead of sugar and they were so bad that Randy kept apologizing for not being able to eat them. It was sad.

Pamela said...

Susan, um, didn't you have a bachelorette party?
Laura, mmmm... corn.
Ananda - yeah, it sucks also because you use up good ingredients!

Mel said...


Well--there's a lesson learned!

And yup--eerie and a bit creepy to wander across the crash remains.