Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, walking through the parking lot to get to the gym, look to my left, and there are two cars with pigeons all over the roofs. I counted 11 on one and 7 on the other (after one or two had flown down to the ground). I have never ever seen that before. I mean, why sit on a car roof? And why those two? Can you explain it to me?

My FB update was imagining them putting on a scene in West Side Story - the rival gangs building their masses for the big fight. Not sure how you determine which one wins - by the amount of poop on the roof?


laura b. said...

I would hate to be the owner of one of those cars, but would have enjoyed seeing that. You just know they were up to something...

Mel said...

Suddenly I'm glad my car goes into a garage. :-/

Maybe it was an end of the season 'get together'?
Wild guess.

STILL glad I've got that garage!!