Monday, October 3, 2011

Flea Bag

So, I literally have a flea in a bag. My cat's been scratching and I thought he must have dry skin or something because he really doesn't go out that much/that far. But this morning I combed out a bug. I put it in plastic wrap because I wasn't sure what it was and was talking to the vet and it almost made it out, so I put it in a plastic ziploc bag. Then I googled, and the fun began. Honestly, I always thought fleas were tiny round dot things that jumped. This didn't jump, and wasn't tiny and round. But it was likely moving slowly due to lots of yummy blood in his system.

So, off to the vet to get Frontline. Off to the pet store to get powder to treat the carpets. Wash all the cat beds and anything the cat has recently been near. Vacuum the whole house, and do it every day for two weeks. Wash all clothing that he's been near. I was going to go volunteer at the radio station today, but that got sucked dry by fleas.

It has one up side. I was fairly depressed about job searching today, after following up yesterday with a job I had applied for, spending literally 2 hours writing a follow up letter, only to get a fairly quick email back from one of the people saying it had been filled Friday. It's so damn frustrating. As anyone who has ever looked for a job knows.

In any event, at least I have fleas to attack to make me feel better. Poor Billy is scared of me right now though... poor guy.


silly rabbit said...

Ack! Fleas are as bad as head lice on kids. Poor Billy.

Ah... the lovely rejection email. I feel your frustration! All that work. But at least they did respond. It annoys the heck out of me when they don't even thank you for responding to their opening after so much effort is put into it.

Killing fleas is a good form of therapy I think.

laura b. said...

Seems like a good time for some kind of killing...fleas will do. Hope you get a good bite soon.

Mel said...

ACK!! Poor kitty. POOR you!