Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time flees, or fleas?

I have thought so many times how I will get to the computer and write, and then I don't because life gets in the way. But, here's an update:

- Fleas are being controlled. I won't say they are gone yet, but working on it still. Three weeks in. Kind of scary though that in the past two days I've had two people tell me how they tried the whole vacuuming thing and eventually just ended up calling an exterminator. I hope hope hope I will be the exception!
- I spent nice time with colleagues, family, and friends last week. Also spent a short time with my friend migraine, sadly she had enough time to visit with me.
- I was a space cadet last week, I guess due to travel. On my connection, forgot my carry on (but got it soon after). At lunch the next day, I got up to leave and walked into a glass door. Too damn clean. Then later I tried to pay for a snack with tampons. The guy didn't really think he'd need the tampons.
- I have an interview next Tuesday! Woo hoo! We'll see how it goes, and I will let you know. It's mental health related, which I know a little about...ya think? Turns out two people I had networked with know the guy I'm speaking with so both are putting in a word for me. I joked with one woman that I'd be happy for her to put in a word for me as long as it was a good word. Such a joker I am.
- It really was nice to take a week off from obsessing about jobs. So nice.
- It was great seeing my nieces and other family. There wasn't much time, but we still had fun.

OK, will go visit.

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laura b. said...

I can't remember...are you in a stand alone house or right next to others? That'll affect your flea issues...
Glad you had a nice week visiting and congrats on the upcoming interview!!! I'll be thinking good thoughts :)