Thursday, February 23, 2012

Howdy doody

Awake after my morning snooze. Did a show last night - 2 to 6 am. Went to bed at 8:00, and then 7:00. :-) It wasn't as good as the week before, but oh well. One of the realllly frustrating things is that the music library is realllly messed up. Seriously at least one half of the music I want I cannot find. And then I'm stuck scrambling before the show. But let me tell you 4 hours goes by fast. And I'm on the feet my whole time, barely able to stop and take a drink or eat something. But again, it's fun, more fun when you do a good job though. :-)

It's a gorgeous day and I may need to go for a walk for my exercise. I would go for a bike ride but a little nervous as my bike ride this Sunday seemed to have pushed my back a little. I feel like my hips are being squeezed, not in a good way. Hobbling around my temp job yesterday...

And btw, that's going well. Great people, and more importantly, great food. ;-) It's one of those places that has lots of money so they serve lunch for employees and have snacks around. And boy are the lunches amazing! Wednesday was roast pork loin and/or stuffed portabelo mushrooms, broccoli, celery root mashed potatoes, salad with beets/apples/celery root, and espresso white chocolate cookies. OMG. It's only M/W/F though. Poor them. I make sure I'm there those days... [btw, I brought the woman two apples I thought were good, and she appreciated it and thought they were good too. whew]

OK, I need my walk. Hopefully I'll tell you about the weekend before next weekend happens!


laura b. said...

I'm sure every show is a new adventure...glad you are enjoying that and the new job!
Those lunches sound amazing. I will think of you next time I'm eating peanut butter crackers at my desk :-D

Mel said...

LOL GOOD girl on taking two apples!

And wow......sounds like an amazing place to work--good food or not!

Thankfully we have our own cook and we get the MOST amazing pastries! I think I also have the most dieting staff members come spring. LOL

silly rabbit said...

It does sound fun! The food sounds amazing too. Yum.
I'm about to go and do my walking for the day. It is beautiful out here too. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are going well! As an apple snob myself, I'm very curious about the varieties you gave your supervisor, and what she gave you.

My inclination with the messed up music library would be to offer to organize and/or manage it. Oddly, a lot of my memories from college radio are of being in the music library, not at the board. I remember being there when someone walked in and announced that Kurt Cobain had died.

NoRegrets said...

Thanks Laura... PB crackers are good too!
Mel - well, I had to make up for stuff.
SR- yay walking!
HMWT - Opal I got for her. She got me pink lady (ok) and Ambrosia.
As for the library, I did so. And it turned out when they asked me to list the items, that a percentage I had looked in the wrong type of(CD versus vinyl) or couldn't read my spelling, or so on. But it still needs help.