Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh boy - long time!

I can't believe it's been over a week since I wrote. I was feeling sad for a while about the wonderful women who died. But it was also working - a whole 17 hours last week! ;-) But I'm so grateful that it's part time, and that it's an excellent networking job and looks great on my linkedin profile - I did put in the description that it's part time and temporary, but perhaps I should put it in the header? I've gotten some congratulations on my new job. Oh well, I'm keeping it as is.

I've gotten to the point that I'm struggling to allocate my time wisely. Work for money, searching for jobs, attending informational sessions/networking events, revising resume, keeping up with existing contacts, radio, reading...

Speaking about reading:
Unbroken - Lauren Hillenbrand. My o my. I was not aware at all what the Japanese did during the war - horrible horrible atrocities. At one point reading the book I could not believe all that that man went through. It was a bad bad movie. But it was real.

So, after that I read
The Last Time I was Me: Cathy Lamb. Such a good change from Unbroken - I needed it. A woman who goes through a breakdown and turns her life around. Sounds depressing, but it's pretty funny because the character/the writing is wry/snarky funny, which I love. It was bad though, becasue I liked it so much that I read it outside of exercising. Too much time!

Contagion - great to watch when the person you are watching with is hacking a lung out. Pretty well done, though I thought they pulled the ending out of a hat. It felt like they were done before they were done.
Cray Stupid Love - really a lot of fun. The culmination towards the end made me roll my eyes, but was still funny. The speech at graduation an unbelievable venue, but just closed my mind to that.

OK, there's more, but I've been listening remotely to presentations during Social Media Week, and I did a 4 hour radio show last night (so much better than the first time! but kind of intimidating at the beginning when the previous DJ's friends were watching me - ack!), so I gotta go be horizontal for a minute or two.

Happy Valentine's Day!


silly rabbit said...

I write less when I am feeling low about something. I think the mind is just otherwise occupied and those thoughts are private.

Goodness you are busy! I am spending a lot of time reading... a series called The Black Company, which is fantasy adventure. I think I would like the Cathy Lamb book. I read several genres.

lol about the "lung hacking" ! I hope he is feeling much better and you didn't get "it".

laura b. said...

I love how you read so many different sorts of books. Those both sound interesting.

A friend of mine was just watching Contagion too! She really liked it. Guess I better watch :)

Congrats on what sounds like a very good part-time / temp job. Everything starts somewhere!

Churlita said...

Okay. Unbroken is already on my list. It sounds pretty intense.

dmarks said...

What the Japanese did in WW2 seems comparable to what the Nazis did in Europe.

But its kind of hypocritical for the Red Chinese government to criticize what Japan did when it turns out that they did even worse to China when they took over.

I loved Hillebrand's "Seabiscuit".

NoRegrets said...

SR, I fought it bravely and won.

Laura, are they really different? It's mostly biographies and fiction...

Churlita, it was intense.

dmarks, I never knew it was similar to the Nazis. Amazing. I never read Seabiscuit-I guess I should. I wouldn't necessarily say I loved her style of writing, but it was informative for sure!