Thursday, July 12, 2012


That's how I'm spelling the verse of the Beatles song...'nothing's gonna change my world' Across the Universe. Just looked it up, and it's wonderful.

I'm decompressing in order to not get depressed. 

Current state of being: Alone in a 2BR apartment.  So far, no roommate.

The week-ish of moving was rough. Pack his shit up, move south. Me get migraine, he unpacks himself.  Pack up the truck with my shit, and drive north. Me get migraine, he drives himself. Unpack my shit into my new by myself place. Whew.

But I do have a really nice living room. Even he was jealous.  I got a free maroon love seat off Craigslist which I think I mentioned before. M gave me a couch from his living room and it is nice and neutral. He also gave me an entertainment unit. We went to a yard sale before he started driving and I got a migraine...because I read they would have a rug. Got there at the start - 8am - and it was still there. With a sign on it $60 OBO.  So, I looked at it and tried to figure out how much I could offer and get away with. Looked at her - would you take $40?  She looks at me and down at the rug, 'sure...actually, why don't you give me $30?'  !! First time in my life I have had someone tell me I should pay less.  I wish I had had more time to go yard saling there... great place.  This was/is a 9x12 - ish rug with a great persian pattern...

So, now I have to finish up my contract and gather up steam to start the whole process of networking again.

To do that, I'm going to bed now.  Sorry, I've had to cut out most things from my life to get through this time...


silly rabbit said...

No apologies required! Lots of stressful stuff going on for you. Lots to do too.

I've been turned down for two of the three jobs I was hoping would work out. :( I'm doing my best to network too. All we can do is keep slugging.

laura b. said...

Across the Universe is a beautiful song, I agree. I also like reading Max Ehremann's Desiderata. I find it very comforting somehow.
I'm glad that you found a nice place and have some good furnishings. The rest will come too!