Sunday, July 8, 2012

In response to my email saying I did not get the job

My friends/family wrote the following (my text was 'and the beat goes on')

-         No encloshed flush letter. But glad the beat goes on.
-         assholes
-         well, phooey
-         sorry :-(  not much fun I’m sure
-         oh fuc**! Pardon my French, but seriously wtf…
-         Sheesh. I’m sorry. I thought you would get this one.
-         Damn. Getting closer though.
-         Dammit.  So sorry.
-         [wrote nothing because didn’t know what to say]
-         so sorry babe!  You were close!
-         The right job will be yours in time. Hang in there.
-         Carry on.
-         Damn!

Thank you for the update.
[xxx] loss.
That was a dissonant beat wasn't it.


laura b. said...

Don't know what to add to those fine responses :)
Good things are on the way!

Mel said...



Well then.........NEXT!!!!

Sheeshhh...... *sigh*

silly rabbit said...

Well crap! I am sorry. Same thing happened to me this week. I ate ice cream. It helped.