Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My life:
- have had two guys come see the apartment and both were all gung ho, and then I think when hit with the credit check, etc. they backed out. A woman coming tonight. I had met a woman with whom I could maybe live, but she wants me to move because she needs a pool. I really don't want to. Plus, the more I interact with her, the less I want to live with her.
- had a webinar to present some stuff to my consulting gig, and it went well. still too much work to do, but thank goodness I have G working with me. He's going to get more money than me for sure (I control the money)
- No word yet from the one position I still have on the table. But I just checked with one reference and she was not contacted, so now I am despairing.  There's an excellent article in Rolling STone about homeless former middle class and although I'm far from that, it makes me think.  Bad thoughts.
- still doing my temp job - they haven't kicked me out yet
- moving day is next Wed - packing truck on Tuesday.  my living room will be empty.  I dread it and want it to be done.  Sad.
- I pissed off one nice contact I had when I checked in with him.  Hopefully I smoothed it over.  Sigh.
- Another contact was all gung ho a while back and I checked in, and no word from him.
- the refrigerator died Monday and we don't get another until Thursday.
- I don't know how to deal with my computer/internet - don't know what I'll need. Don't want to think about it. But must.
- gotta go to work.


laura b. said...

I hope you are able to find a compatible roommate with good credit. I know he or she is out there!
Also, I can imagine how frustrating it is not hearing back from potential employers. I will be thinking good thoughts.

silly rabbit said...

I am so weary of the "hire me" game.
Sigh. Oh, I do hope you can find a good roommate. I do better with men than I do with women.
If you are having concerns about the woman now, then that's your alarm going off. Listen to it. If she wants you to move for her (including first, last, deposit) then she is going to be aggressive. :(

Tara said...

I hope the new fridge you get on Thursday is really nice.

Churlita said...

I hope it all works out it seems like you're going through some of the biggest life stressors all at the same time. I agree with Silly RAbbit about the woman roommate.