Friday, June 1, 2012


I heard from one job that they won't know about second interviews until the end of next week. The other I heard nothing from.  Sigh.

Other than that... keeping my head above water.  I'm glad I have drugs because the anxiety overwhelms sometimes, though it's actually quite funny at times in retrospect. 

Case in point. M is an organizer. With a capital ORGANIZER. So, he's packing up his stuff and mine gets out of his nicely organized, labeled tubs. Monday I started freaking out. 'I don't know how to organize!'  And I mean, crying. So he offered to go to Tar-get with me, as there was a sale on tubs.  We were in there for a while - me trying to figure out what size and how many, and him saying over and over, 'these are really nice tubs!'.  So I bought $130 worth, and the man who has tubs coming out his ears bought at least $50 worth, though maybe more. It filled my Matrix, and the living room is now full.  But even though I have tubs, I still need to learn how to distribute stuff...  I'll try!


laura b. said...

Fingers crossed on the job stuff! And I can really empathize with any organizational issues you might feel you have. Sometimes I feel pretty competant, but only when I don't compare myself to others...the deficiencies become abundantly clear when I do!

silly rabbit said...

So that's what the tubs were for! I enjoy organizing things if I have the right things to organize with... space being one of them. Otherwise it can be very overwhelming to me. In fact, I think that moving is stressful in general. Even when it is the right move. So many unknowns.

Best of luck with that second interview!