Thursday, May 24, 2012

Job adventure

I realized that I have done a lot to look for a job. Right now things are sort of coming together all at once. And we'll see how it shakes out. But how did I get here?

My temp job:
I signed up with a good agency that knew how to place people well. It was seredipity that it was part time, which I needed so I could still keep looking and finish up my contract.  Also seredipity that it was at a very well respected organization.

Which led to...

When I applied for a job at an institution near it, the administrative person who I guess did the initial review of applications saw the name of my temp assignment and pulled my resume out. She used to work there. She biked over one day, and introduced herself to me to tell me that I'd be contacted for an interview.  (Me: um, great!  Which job? What was it for?  I had applied to so many positions there.) BTW, the interview Monday there went really well, I think. Though, they think I'm overqualified. I responded with - I'm just highly qualified.

One day I went to this institution for a a start up event. I talked with a lot of people, got free t shirts and other swag, and handed out my resume to a couple people. One of them I had a good conversation with and followed up with an email. She passed my resume on to her CEO, who called me out of the blue one day to ask about me participating in their project and do some strategic planning (and these are movers and shakers). I'm scared to really continue with that because I think they'll realize how NOT smart I am (there's too many friggin' brilliant people around here!).

And I did a good job at my last job, and was nice to all the people I met. One of whom really respected me, and is a highly intelligent person and well respected. She connected me with a bigwig who had coffee with me a few weeks ago and who now wants to have lunch, though he had to cancel on tomorrow's lunch.

Another person she connected me to was a group that does a lot of consulting. I chatted with the CEO and the sub-CEO. Mentioned also that they needed help with their site. Sent along some free comments. Heard nothing. Then out of the blue they want me to review their website and make recommendations...for money!

And because of all the sessions I have gone to, when I applied to a job in an anonymous system vat of people applying, I knew to mirror all the keywords in the job description, and so got an interview! Had that one only just yesterday and it was a rousing success.  A six person panel interview, and they are a good, tight group and they seemed to like my jokes. So much so that at the end I asked:  do I get a round of applause? And they clapped!  I think that's so funny...  The same day they wrote asking me for references.

So, working diligently in many different avenues pays off. We'll see if any result in anything... I do hope so!  Though I am wishing for the job I interviewed for on Monday...


silly rabbit said...

You are doing great things! I am impressed by how well you make contacts and connections. I am not at all surprised that others see you as the bright person you are. It does sound like things are all jelling at once. Glad to hear it.

I just signed on with another temp agency. The other one I signed on with has done me no good at all, though they found Randy his job. Its a matter of finding the right space that I fit into I guess. I'm hoping that this new one has different clients that I might work with better.

Good luck with the interviews. But its sounding like you are in the groove now. Yay!

Tara said...

Wow, great job with the six-person panel interview! That would've made me a nervous wreck, but it sounds like you handled it with style and humor!

laura b. said...

I have been admiring your networking and job search techniques so much! I am not all surprised to hear that it is paying off for you. The company or concern that snags you is going to be so lucky.

Mel said...

Endurance. Perseverence. Diligent efforts.

They pay off.

<-- keeping fingers crossed

Tara said...
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Churlita said...

Good luck! I hope you get that job too. I can't wait to hear.