Monday, May 14, 2012


This would have been a great photo if I had managed to get the butterflies in focus.  Erg to bad cameras. Or bad photographers. There were about 6 sucking something off the rocks. Of course one of the guys I was with said that maybe someone peed there.  Oh well, then I was laying down by pee - I spent at least 20 minutes trying to take as many photos as possible.

Went climbing and had a great day on Saturday.  Beautiful weather.  Two nice guys. Not too crowded. I fell on the first pitch on my friend's brand new rope on only the second piece of gear.  Whoops!  He joked that he almost didn't catch me so he could save his rope. Ha.  ..... Ha.  not.  The new guy was a friend of a friend who is an ex-cop who worked in Oakland. Very much a character, but great. He felt like he was from Brooklyn/Bronx, but he's California born and raised.

Turns out I had a bit of time to spend with him, as my normal climbing partner's car died.  Yosemite has a great towing service/garage.  Responsive and nice. Luckily though my friend had AAA so he towed it out to Modesto.

I had much more to write about, but forget now. I got home late from work/softball, and M's been packing. It just sucks to see boxes piling up. Oh well... next stage in life is coming.  What will it be??


laura b. said...

I think that shot is beautiful!

Glad you got some good climbing in.

I know how hard this transition you and M are going through must be. You have the right attitude though. On to the next challenge!

Mel said...

I'm agreeing with Laura--pretty as is!

And holy cow......this falling jazz solidifies my belief that two feet flat on the ground is a good plan for me!