Tuesday, May 1, 2012


OK, let's see what blogger does when I insert a photo. I wonder if I'll get paragraphs, though I guess I can manually insert paragraphs with HTML. Sigh.

Went to Yosemite to hang out. Did not climb, but did a huge hike up to the top of Nevada Falls, shown in the photo. My legs still hurt today, 3 days after. But it was amazing. Though, actually I did do one boulder problem at the top. Thankfully I chose carefully, since there was no rope, but did a short climb up in my hiking shoes. Good for the tourists - and me... (As I was hiking down one guy commented - nice climbing!).

So, I did not have the interview because the day before, they wrote to say that the job was cancelled. Yeah, sucked but not so badly. That same day or somewhere around then I got an email offering me a small consultancy. I wasn't sure whether to take it, but I have. It helps that a friend is working with me, who desperately needs the work for many reasons. And who knows what's happening with my temp job - no interviews yet!

I have a lot to say, but unfortunately I have to go to bed.


laura b. said...

What a beautiful photo! Must have been nice handing out at Yosemite.

Was the cancelled job the one you were pretty 'meh' about? Is a small consultancy just something of short duration that they need help with?

Did you sleep well? Yes, I am full of questions :)

Mel said...


No freaking way would I have climbed there OR taken the photo--that woulda meant leaning over.


(I'll give you that the photo IS awesome...but omg......)

NoRegrets said...

Thanks L! I didn't hand anything out. ;-) Yes, that one, so no problem. Oops, I already talked about the consultancy. Yes, short. And kind of a test.

Did I sleep well? I don't remember!

Mel, no no. I climbed a short15 foot thing behind the fence that I leaned over to take the photo. All very safe...