Saturday, May 5, 2012


I am less inclined to write here because it looks like crap. And it's way down on my list of things to do to research how to make it look good. [duh, the default is HTML so no automatic formatting]

Wait. Rewind. Good morning! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Si si. I feel like I got drunk last night. I had a radio show yesterday early morning. Slowly working my way through the graves, and since it's coming up on climbing season, and I'm only working part time, I wanted to get some done mid-week. It went really well. Still have stuff to learn of course. I thought for a moment later in the morning that my shift had not been recorded (hence my facebook update - it's as if I didn't exist for 4 hours this morning), but all is well.

Speaking of work, I got a short term 2 month contract to do a specific project. Some money coming in. I didn't turn it over to my highly depressed friend but I'm pulling him into it. I am trying to call him every day until he turns the corner. Of course he has tons of friends and he isn't so depressed he doesn't get out of the house, it's just that he doesn't have money and is one of those that just can't move forward. Of course, there comes a time when I"m feeling like not so great so don't have the energy to call him.  Oh well...  and NO, not a potential boyfriend. Of course I said that about M, but hopefully I've learned my lesson.

I have started telling people.  My sister in law "he's so nice". Yeah well. One climbing friend hints that he needs a climbing partner, but I do still climb with M. Another closer climbing friend just offered to be there if I needed it, which was nice. Trouble is, he kind of brings it up in a nice obtuse way when we're climbing, and I do talk. I so want to not share gory details, because I vomited so much for 9 months. And it's not a simple answer. So much pain but how much was self induced?  Again, I'm trying to learn, be an adult, etc. I've said that it's kinda been like M's finishing school. Not healthy in a relationship for sure. I just see more and more how I'm like my brother who annoys me with his outlook on life and interactions.

Moving on...

Billy's licking his butt right now. 

It's a gorgeous day, an especially gorgeous day, so I'm gonna go as I have a lot to do and M gets back later this afternoon and though I will soon be alone-ish, I have been enjoying my alone time.  As part of that I watched Thor last night.  I do not highly recommend. One would think I would like it for the view of him with no shirt, but honestly, I'm just not that into big, super-cut men.


Tara said...

Congrats on getting the contract job!

Having alone-time can feel really good. It's how I refresh and prepare myself for more not-so-alone time.

I haven't seen "Thor" yet, but I think it's in my Netflix queue.

laura b. said...

I'm glad to hear that your radio shift went well. It seems like such a fun thing to do, although I know it is also hard work.
You seem like such a good friend...from here it appears that you and M are remaining friends too. That is really nice.

silly rabbit said...

Yay for the work. I think it is wonderful that you are helping your friend through his rough patch.
I am glad for you that you got out of a relationship that was not healthy for you. That takes strength.
I think people want to help, because they assume that you need them to say something. Sweet that they care, even if they don't know how to respond.