Thursday, February 21, 2013

All the things I didn't say

I may get really addicted to Twitter when I get my iPhone (free from work... white I think, not black).  I have all these random thoughts in my head as the day goes around, and I don't write them down, though I want to. Not sure how interesting any of them are, but maybe they are. Just as interesting as this first paragraph I bet.

Life is calm. Too calm.  Where's all the chaos? The stress? The anxiety?  Lordy... life is weird without craziness. I have to make sure I still do stuff... and I will. Though I haven't climbed in a whole 2 weeks. Nuts. No way to clear my head.

Um, how would YOU react if a guy makes a reference to spooning on a ping pong table?

Let's see, what else....

All my wittiness has left the building. I even forget what I wanted to say when I signed in!!!

Oh, I give up. I have pizza brain coma fuzziness.


laura b. said...

Twitter is great for those little half-baked thoughts :)
Spooning on a ping pong table? My reaction would totally depend on the guy!
Now, schedule that climb time.

Mel said...

LOL Pizza brain fuzziness will do that!
And spooning on a ping pong table?! Ummmm....... Ewwww.

Considering all MY facts--that would be my thought!
Ewww! *shudder*

Tara said...

Spooning on a ping pong table, eh? I'm surprised Christian Grey never thought of that one!