Saturday, October 17, 2015


Very exciting news.  I put a photo I took into an art show and it sold!  Pretty damn amazing. I had printed it on art paper and mounted it on professional mounting, so it wasn't from Costco or anything (not that that is horrible but I'm trying to be an ar-teest). I didn't put a high price so after covering costs and the commission, I think I made $12?  Whatever. It was good to be sold.  I'm on my way!

It was serendipity that got me to enter the one I did. My boss of all people sat down that morning after I was trying to decide which one to enter and told me about the new Elizabeth Gilbert book: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.  I told her that I had rejected a photo because one element was out of focus, and she tells me that maybe people would like it that way! I showed her the photo and she said something like I can't believe you are wondering about it - it's a great photo.

So yeah, now I have to continue to move forward.  Gotta do a website! And more!

Anyway, it's really cool to be validated by a stranger who is willing to part with money for what I did. I have supporters who tell me what a good eye I have and all, but I haven't moved forward really. Of course my brother says to direct the buyer to his ebay listing since he has a piece from the same artist (me - I did a canvas print for him of another photo).

Of course there's more to my life, but had to brag.

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Churlita said...

That's awesome! Keep promoting it. You could put up another blog with your art work for sale.