Tuesday, December 18, 2007


OK, I am DONE done done. Except for cutting all the loose threads and cleaning off all the cat hair! Ooops, and signing it. And, I think it turned out pretty well... But first the process.

First the back side is taped down to the floor - slightly stretched so that it's somewhat taut.

Then, you smooth the batting over the backing.

Then you center the top over the bottom, and smooth it all out. And then you proceed to put in safety pins every 4-6 inches to keep the sandwiched layers together.

Then you roll up the sides and use big clips to keep it together and make it manageable to quilt. As you can see from the photo below, the hardest part was getting to the middle of the quilt. Lots of substance to fit through the machine, and rather awkward.

It took me so long to do this, I'm spreading the 'reveal' over two posts... Tune in later for the details. :-)


Churlita said...

You tease. I can't wait to see the full unveiling.

WNG said...

there aren't any whales on this one, are there?
Seriously, I'm excited! How long till the next post???

Tera said...

I just can't wait...the suspense is killing me...US!

NoRegrets said...

Well, you got to see some of it! You saw the backing. And one corner. It's weird, the photos appear at work as dark, but at home much lighter. I guess it depends on the computer?

LOL - no whales! I'll be posting it tonight.