Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sorry I left that photo as the main photo for so long... I could post an even more colorful version, but I'll leave that be.

So, pet peeves/oddities. We've been finding out each other's pet peeves/oddities. A list - not necessarily inclusive:

M: do not leave food sitting out even if you might use it in 5 minutes.

P: do not store bread near bananas

M: coffee must come after cereal

P: close the kitchen cabinet doors, please

M&P: save every bag imaginable in the chance you might need it.

M: take shower before breakfast

P: take shower after breakfast

Oh dear, I struggle to find more of his, when my list goes on. I'll leave it as an even score for now.

"I'm not high maintenance. I just know what I want." quote from where? :-)


Churlita said...

Ha ha. I don't like the cabinet doors left open either. I've hit my head one too many times. Making a lot of noise when people eat drives me crazy. My daughters know that and do it on purpose sometimes to annoy me...Little shits.

Anonymous said...

I totally can't stand the cabinet door thing, or the laundry room door being open....and the coffee/cereal thing is a rule in our house!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I hate food left out.. I have to brush my teeth before having coffee in the AM. Shut the kitchen gate properly..(for keeping 4 yr olds out) There is a reasosn I have it

I would think that my list and BHM's list are just about even.. (his is a little longer)

Tara said...

I believe that quote's from "When Harry Met Sally".

When I'm in a hurry in the kitchen, I may leave a few cupboard doors ajar. Then when I'm in a less rushed mood and go into the kitchen, I find the opened cupboards annoying.

laura b. said...

I enjoy learning people's little quirks. It is convenient for you two that you won't have to fight over shower time :-)

Pamela said...

Churlita, sucks when people use your annoyances to their advantage...!
TNP - I really need to put you on my blog roll...
Mrs. - teeth brushing before coffee... hmmm...
Tara, of course you are correct.
Laura - that is true!