Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm rubber, you're glue

Ah, what you can find in Big Lots' gumball machine area. Rubber stretchy men! 25 cents each. And what fun you can have with them!

blurry stretchy men

men on bottles


Given they are acrobatic, we had to see what they'd do with the ceiling. Well, they stuck! And were still there when we left, many days later.


laura b. said...

Entertainment need not be expensive! A little rubber and a lot of imagination and you are on your way to a good time. hee hee!

Churlita said...

Those look so cool. I wish we had a Big Lots here still. The finger one is just a little dirty...

Pamela said...

Laura, that's slightly lavicious. :-)

Yeah, Churlita, it is.

Did you two notice that the last one is only hanging by one foot?