Friday, December 10, 2010

Making friends

Last night I went to the climbing gym's event at which they encourage people to find new partners (you get raffle tickets for every new climber you climb with). I've been to one other and I believe I described it. M's out of town, so it was well timed. I climbed with a few interesting people and managed to avoid the one guy who wanted to climb with me but I saw that he took his hand off the rope when belaying and thus I did NOT want to climb with him (we use grigri's at the gym which have sort of an auto catching mechanism, but still, you have to stay safe in the event of failure). I came out of it with one contact, which is great. He seems like a nice guy, likes to climb outdoors, easy going, skis, has a girlfriend, etc. So one by one, finding climbing friends.

Saturday M and I are going to not one but two parties! A friend who we have not seen in a long time and have not seen since we moved here is moving to Washington in January, so we will see him just in time for him to move. But, we'll at least meet some other people and though it's not likely to go anywhere, it's still nice to feel like you know people.

Then we have another party. I don't think I told this story.

On Thanksgiving day our group went to a small area in Joshua Tree that has short climbs, many of which are in the sun. It was a semi-cold day and we needed it! Plus we didn't get out the door until 11:30, so we doubly needed it. We had a nice time at this one set of climbs - there were enough so that all of us could either lead, follow, or top rope something. Towards the end of sunlight, I noticed a guy talking to another group that had come in to do a 5.7 in amongst 'our' climbs. I thought he looked familiar but had no idea from where I might know him. (That's a problem when you've lived and been too many places!) Then I heard his first name and took a guess. So I went up to him and said, um, did you by any chance happen to go to xxx high school? He looked at me, squinted and smiled and said 'Pamela xxx'?

!!! It was a guy who was friends with my sister's friends and who also went to my college. I knew him but wasn't really friends with him. Turns out he's lived in the SF area for 20 years and has climbed for about as long. So, the SF climbing group is having a party at his house, and so we go! This has more potential for making longer term friends, and I'm excited.

Tis the season to party. I'm glad we have one or two to go to. Someday, we'll hold our own....


laura b. said...

That climbing event they hold sounds like such a great way to connect with other climbers! Great that you got to attend again. And great that you are get to go to two parties. This calls for a celebration!

Ananda girl said...

That's terrific that you have climbing to expand on and introduce you to people. And how cool is it that you met someone from your past!
I hope you have a great time at all of the parties. Sounds like you two have it going on alright.

Churlita said...

That's so cool! What a small world, huh?