Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brusha brusha brusha

Seems like almost every morning when I brush my teeth these days I think of my old friend J. She and I were best friends in grammar school. One of her defining traits was how vigorously she brushed her teeth. I think she'd go through a toothbrush every month or something (an exaggeration, I know).

She also was a big Beatles fan. We would sit in her basement and listen to the Beatles, on record albums I believe, for hours. When I moved to NJ, I would visit her frequently when we went back to RI to visit relatives, which basically was every month. She came to NJ to visit several times. And of course we wrote lots of letters.

As time went by, of course, the connection grew weaker. However, when she got married I was invited to her wedding. I was sad at the time she had as her maid of honor another friend from grammar school. But it was a fact of life - I had moved away. She married a guy she had met in an unlikely place - a bar! At least unlikely for her. She was so happy to be with him (and him with her) and knew he was the one and had plans to have lots and lots of kids and parties in her yard as her parents had done. [I must note that I was an idiot - I took photos at her wedding and gave them to her as a present, but just in a stack, not placed in a nice book. Ok, that's a regret I have.]

When I returned from Zimbabwe I went to make a presentation to her class (she was a grammar school teacher). The kids loved it and I received lots of thank you notes. But after that, I lost touch. I think she moved and I have no idea where she is now. I would love to find her and touch base. The problem is, her name is fairly common, so it's hard to find her. I do wonder though, and hope she's having a happy life.


CautiouslyAudacious said...

I had lost touch with a long lost friend once and the craziest thing happened. An uncle of mine in Colombia, SA met her uncle that was there on a mission or something and was able to get me her new address, so you never know!

laura b. said...

I have been so bad about staying in touch with people from my past. I just got lucky that the most important ones seemed to pop up again in my life.
I hope your very interesting sounding friend pops up in your life again too :-)

Churlita said...

I have that same problem with a few of my friends from San Francisco. They have common names and I can't even find them on FAcebook. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

You know you can specify things like school and workplace to searches on facebook, right?

Mel said...

Wow..... I don't think I know where a single childhood chum of mine is....period.

Not past age 25.
And I'm far from 25. LOL

Pamela said...

CauAud - that happened to me with a high school friend recently!
Laura - not sure she will. but keeping my eyes open.
Churlita - I think Squirrel had an idea for you...
Squirrel, well, I could try. But I know I don't fill in that information so assume others don't. guess they do.
Mel, maybe that's for the better? :-)