Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

So, it's 2011. We have already finished the first decade of the century. Where did the time go??? My temptation is to look backwards at all the crap that made the decade disappear, starting really with September 2001. Blink, and it's gone.

But, it's time to look forward.
- look to skiing out here on the west coast
- look to finding a new job
- look to enjoying the half time work I have at the moment, allowing me freedom during the week
- look to meeting new people
- look to taking nice photos (my big gift from my family was a new camera. of course, my brother made the mistake of saying it's exchangeable, so now I have to figure out what really I want/need. they got me a 'life proof' camera - shock/water/cold resistant. thing is, that means somewhat lesser photo quality. so, I have a few weeks to figure it out. I am excited though to even have a camera now that will have a big screen so I can see whether the close up shots of flowers, et al, are in focus! Any recommendations on small cameras? They gave me a Panasonic Lumix - so in that vein.)

M and I exchanged gifts New Year's Eve. He liked the ones I gave him, which is always wonderful. I love finding the perfect gift, even more than getting the perfect gift (Laura, that could be a Wed choose and defend!). Among other things, he got me a cooking class to learn how to cook fish - something I'm always scared to do. I'm excited by it.

I'll talk more about New Year's day later - I'll just say that yesterday was a day of getting stuff done around the house and I so enjoyed it. Vacuuming! Yay! Making a chicken pot pie! Figuring out my estimated tax for 2010! Watching an episode of Serenity! Eating sourdough french toast! Going for a walk! Making a photo calendar for my mom! (I highly recommend Shutterfly for that.)

OK, work calls. Happy day to you.


laura b. said...

I like that all of your goals are positive and hopeful, rather than a list of recriminations :-)

And absolutely, that would be an excellent Choose and Defend!!!

EsLocura said...


havematwilltravel said...

Happy new year to you too!

The Lumix is a very nice camera, actually; the only others I would recommend taking a look at are the Canon S90 and the Canon G12 (neither of which are shock/water resistant, but both of which will do better in low light).

Churlita said...

Happy New Year! I would love a new camera. My guy gave me incredible gifts even though we weren't supposed to and I didn't give him anything. Our ski trip this weekend was supposed to be our gift. I just don't have the money to reciprocate.

Mel said...

Nice prezzie....I'll note the quality of the photos won't matter if it gets dropped during a climb. JUST sayin'.

And what a great looking forward list!

We'll refer you back to it as needed. *laughing* Helpful lot that we are!

Tera said...

I will be looking for a new job, and maybe...just maybe perhaps a beau? ;-)