Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I could be in a funk, but I'm not. I'm trying to look honestly at myself and what I am doing and not doing. What I have done and not done. Mostly with respect to my job search.
- I was given the opportunity to meet up with a venture capitalist to figure out how to get a job in a startup that was a little farther along and needed staff. I took several days (or was it a week?) to get back to him with information. Shoot myself in the foot.
- I go to networking events and don't convey passion or energy.
- I've written very boring cover letters.
- I'm passive - or rather too passive to get myself a job.
Oh, there's more I'm sure, but I have to go make money!

And speaking of funky - plants in the Joshua Tree desert. Not sure what it is!


laura b. said...

I suspect that nothing has come up that truly excites you. Are you able to wait until that happens or do you need something immediately?

In any event, I hope that you find what you need!

Mel said...

Yep--we sell ourselves short ALL THE TIME.

And yep......way cool funky plants!

I am envious.